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Our Privacy Policies

Tech Wizards Will Respect Your Privacy

Privacy ImageData privacy is extremely important to us, and we take it very seriously. When you entrust us with your computer equipment we will treat your personal data with the care and strict confidentiality you expect and deserve. Yes, as a company we have the below policies and procedures in place forbidding anyone from purposely viewing or copying your personal data and we have systems in place to safeguard your data while it is in our possession. But let's face it: policies, procedures and systems only go so far. It is ultimately the honesty, ethical integrity, and good intentions of the people servicing your computer that will determine the privacy afforded your personal data when your computer is being serviced.

That is why Tech Wizards takes such care in selecting the technicians who will be working on your computer equipment. We don't hire very young, inexperienced, untested applicants with no verifiable history of personal integrity. Our technical staff is composed of mature, experienced professionals with a proven track record of responsibility, honesty and ethical trustworthiness. We are proud of the fact that we have a very low turnover rate among our technical staff; most of our technicians have been with us for several years, and most were referred to us by our existing staff. Technicians hired by Tech Wizards are subject to extensive background checks including employer reference checks, criminal history checks, credit checks and drug screens. We also provide a generous compensation plan to our technical staff in order to attract and keep the most professional skilled technicians.

We've been serving highly satisfied North Carolina customers since late 2001 and have achieved a spotless reputation with thousands of satisfied customers. We also have a perfect A+ Better Business Bureau record and highly favorable reviews on Angie's List.

Whether we work on your computer at your location or at one of our off-site repair shops, you can rest assured that we are taking every measure possible to respect the confidentiality of your data and insure that your "private stuff" remains private.

Non-Disclosure Policy For Technicians Servicing Your Equipment

Tech Wizards LLC believes strongly in our ethical responsibility to protect the confidentiality of its customers' data, information, and privacy. In addition to regulations, technicians are bound by this non-disclosure agreement when performing work at a customer's site or at our repair shops.

Since data may be viewed by an employee of Tech Wizards LLC during the nature and course of executing duties as requested by the customer, or in compliance with prearranged maintenance, we feel that we have an obligation to our customers to provide peace of mind that their data will not be compromised. An employee of Tech Wizards LLC is expressly prohibited from disclosing, publishing, reproducing, or transmitting customer data or information, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, verbal or written, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose, without the prior express written permission of the customer. It is understood that to perform duties requested by a customer that they may have access to any and all data stored on a network, computer, storage media, server, or other device. The customer will be advised should any data or information be copied, transmitted or removed from the base site, if not previously arranged for (ie: off-site backup routine). The customer's express permission will be obtained to carry out these actions.

Ensuring Safeguards for Personal Information

We take steps to safeguard your personal information, regardless of the format in which it is held, including:

Disposal of Equipment Safeguards

Whenever Tech Wizards LLC is responsible for disposing of or recycling a customer's computer or other device with stored data the following policies are strictly followed...

Tech Wizards Unlicensed Software Policy

Tech Wizards LLC service personnel will not search out unlicensed software. If it is discovered by chance, it is our professional obligation to inform our clients. No additional action will be taken. Our experienced staff will ensure that under no circumstance will your personal information or data be tampered with or compromised.

Visiting Our Web Site

When you visit this web site, be aware that your IP address is logged by our servers for the simple purpose of statistics. The only information we extract (or could extract) from the IP addresses we collect is their originating geographic location (and from this, the most we could see is a rough guess). From time to time, we may look at locations as a whole simply to make sure that our online advertising is properly target the right areas. To summarize, we see no personal information besides the originating IP address of the user connecting to our web server plus a rough location generated by the statistics software. We will never, under any circumstances, reveal this data or its statistical results to anybody.

Online Payments - Online payments made through our website are processed by PayPal, a highly-respected and very secure payment processor. When you enter personal information as part of the payment process, you are on secure, encrypted PayPal web pages and that information is never available to Tech Wizards (we only receive your payment, not your credit card information). Rest assured that your online Tech Wizards payment is as safe as any other online payment you can make.

Other "Web Form" pages - The other "web form" pages on this site (such as the "Schedule An Appointment" page) should not be considered secure and data sent to us through them is not encrypted or protected in any way. The information we collect via the "web form" pages is handled confidentially by Tech Wizards and will not be shared with anyone.

Consent for the Collection, Use, and Disclosure of Personal Information

Tech Wizards LLC obtains personal information (name, address, phone number, etc.) reasonably required to provide requested service. This information (including your email address) is kept strictly confidential within the company and is never shared with any third parties for any reason. Other information needed to provide specific services (such as usernames and/or password) may be required in some cases and if so your consent will be obtained before such data is obtained (from you or by electronic means). The method of obtaining consent is appropriate to the type of personal information being collected, used or disclosed:

Tech Wizards LLC will use implied consent to collect, use or disclose your personal information where one or more of the following apply:

Limiting Use Of Your Email Address

By providing your email address to Tech Wizards you are providing implied consent (or "opting in") to receive occasional email messages and emailed newsletters from Tech Wizards (and only from Tech Wizards). Your email address will never be shared with any third party for any reason without your expressed consent. Our emailed newsletter is sent to all customers several times per year; however, any customer can "opt out" of receiving our newsletter at any time by using the "Easy Unsubscribe" link included in all newsletters.

Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention of Personal Information

Tech Wizards LLC uses and discloses your personal information only for the purposes it was collected. Tech Wizards LLC will never sell, share or rent personal information to any organization or person for any reason. We will never share your personal information with third party organizations except to provide to you a product or service specifically requested by you. Tech Wizards LLC retains your personal information only as long as it is required for our business relationship or as required by federal and state laws.