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Remote Support

Remote SupportFor computers or servers that have a working internet connection, Tech Wizards can quickly and securely access those devices remotely in order to provide service, repairs, or other assistance or tutoring.  If we don't fix your problem then you pay nothing!

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REMOTE SUPPORT PROCEDURE (credit or debit card payments only)

Here is the procedure for obtaining in-shop service from Tech Wizards...

  1. Call us at 919-841-5506 to arrange for remote support service.  We will obtain needed information about you and the service you need, create a Service Ticket, and schedule a time for your remote support service call.  
  2. At the scheduled time of your remote support call your Tech Wizards technician will call you and provide simple instructions for establishing a remote connection to your computer (see details below). 
  3. Your Tech Wizards technician will then "start the clock" for your final labor charge which will be based on $33 per quarter hour with a minimum charge of $50 (minimum charge does not apply to followup remote service for the same issue), and will begin remediating your issue.  While remotely servicing your computer you will be able to see exactly what the technician is doing and you are welcome to ask questions during the process.
  4. Upon completion of service your technician will review the service provided, answer any questions, and insure proper and accurate final payment of the remote support labor charge (credit or debit card only).  And remember, if we can't fix your problem then you pay nothing!

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The below buttons will allow you to download and run one of our Remote Support tools. If you technician plans to use this tool to provide your remote desktop support then he/she will provide a password to you that must be entered in order to run this application. If your Tech Wizards technician has arranged to provide remote support to you and has provided you with a password, please click on one of the links below as instructed by your technician.  If you need assistance with this process then your Tech Wizards technician will be glad to talk you through the process on the phone.

After clicking on the link you will be precented with the following options: "Open" (or"Run") and "Save" (and/or "Save As"). Follow your technician's instructions on which to do, or if no instructions were provided then choose "Open" or "Run" if either of those options are available.

If you choose to OPEN or RUN the file, launch the installation by double-clicking on the .exe file or right-click on the .exe file and choose OPEN; there will be a brief delay while the program installs. Once installed, follow the on-screen instructions to begin your remote support session.

To save the file so it can also be used for future remote support sessions choose the "Save As" option (if available, otherwise choose "Save") and save the file to your Windows Desktop or some other location where you will be able to easily access it both now and at a later date. You will need to "unzip" (or uncompress) the .zip file so you can run the resulting .exe file; this can normally be done simply by right-clicking on the .zip file and choosing the "Extract All..." option. Once the .exe file is extracted you can delete the .zip file.

For security purposes, after your remote session is done the application will be automatically uninstalled from your computer. If you "Saved" the ____.exe file you can RUN it again to reinstall the application in the event Tech Wizards needs to again provide you with remote support.